Our Benefits 

 Motivating advantages and additional benefits 
We aim to create a positive workplace: an environment which facilitates flexible and creative working, in which work is recognized and effort is rewarded, and which we can be proud of. That's our ideal workplace, that's our vision. Therefore, we offer a wide range of advantages and benefits that you can capitalize on. See for yourself!

True Work-Life-Choice

Most of us associate the term "work-life balance" with the compatibility of career, family, and free time. But for some people, a balance of 50/50 between work and private life may be ideal, while others may want to spend more time with the family or concentrate fully on their career. 

We selected the term "work-life choice" to avoid being prescriptive here. That means that you can decide for yourself what your ideal balance of work and free time looks like. This allows you to reconcile your personal and professional needs totally individually within the framework of the PwC business model depending on your current stage of life.

Our Benefits

Free time
Continuing education
Financial benefits
Networks / Diversity & Inclusion


  • Flexwork: In keeping with a better work-life choice, you can determine the beginning, end, and duration of your daily working time yourself – obviously in accordance with operational requirements and labor-law provisions. We don't have core working times at PwC. Thanks to our "FlexWork@PwC" concept, you can work remotely from home or any other location. 
  • Flexwork Abroad: How about a workation? Our employees can work from a total of over 40 countries (including outside of Europe). With regard to the scope of application and the duration, we align our degree of flexibility with the statutory framework conditions.
  • Part-time models: We offer you a variety of part-time models with leaves of absence of days, hours, or months.

Free time

  • Sabbatical: You can also make use of sabbaticals of several months thanks to our special part-time block model. Furthermore, you can save up your working time credit over longer periods and then deplete it again as a leave of absence. Your part-time salary will continue to be paid during this period.
  • Compensation for overtime: At PwC Germany, overtime can be collected in a personal annual working time account. It is up to you whether to have your overtime paid out or flexibly converted into more free time. 


  • Celebrating teamwork and shared successes: It is important to us to recognize achievements together and meet at parties where we celebrate together and reflect on our accomplishments. This includes summer festivals, staff days, and Stammtische, where regulars meet up.
  • Workplace atmosphere: We want you to feel comfortable with us. This is why we cultivate an open and modern corporate and management culture.
  • Social involvement with corporate volunteering and pro bono projects: We support our colleagues who want to volunteer. Activities for select non-profit organizations can be planned using an allotment of hours.

Continuing edcuation 1/2

  • Extensive onboarding: In order to make your start with us as comfortable as possible, we invite you to a one-week onboarding event with many other new joiners. You can establish your initial network there and learn everything about PwC Germany as an employer. Furthermore, as soon as you join the company, you are given a buddy who helps you get your bearings in your new daily working life at PwC. Your buddy is there to answer any of your professional or personal questions.
  • Internationale experience with secondments: When you work for us, you can work in another PwC branch in Germany or abroad for a certain period – for 1 to 12 months (short-term secondment) or even 1 to 5 years (long-term secondment). 
  • PwC's own Academy: Our Academy regularly makes suitable offerings available to you to expand your knowledge and the skills which you need for your projects. They encompass specialized trainings, leadership and behavioral seminars, learning groups, and much more, including and focusing on new technologies. We get you ready for digitalization with our special "Your Tomorrow" digital upskilling program. Among other things, it comprises Data & Analytics trainings and our digital fitness app with which you can playfully acquire important digital know-how.

Continuing edcuation 2/2

  • Continuous mentoring: Our personal mentors accompany you on your way to PwC. They consult you (for example) with regard to your training and continuing education and are available to provide you with advice and assistance from the very beginning, including on a personal level.
  • Facilitation of professional exams: We offer you the opportunity to make use of a corresponding promotion budget and exam leave. This offer applies to the following professional exams: German Public Auditor, Full German Public Auditor (without prior Tax Advisor exam), Tax Advisor, and Actuary.
  • Facilitation of master's programs: If you want to become a German Public Auditor, you can complete a part-time master’s degree program with AuditXcellence and will at the same time prepare for your professional exams. With the Mannheim Master of Accounting & Taxation, you can obtain a Master of Science degree in taxation while at the same time working and preparing for your Tax Advisor exams. We also offer a variety of specialization master's degrees, which enable you to be immersed more deeply in certain practice groups.

Financial benefits

  • IT leasing: With our private IT leasing program, you can also benefit from special rates to amp up your personal technical equipment. For example, you can also easily finance state-of-the-art devices by paying monthly rates directly by converting your income.
  • Bike leasing: From cargo bikes to e-bikes. From city bikes to mountain bikes. You have the option of leasing your dream bike from our contractual partner. You can choose from a selection of all brands and configure your bike to suit you. Our contractual partner's retail network currently encompasses 3,000 retailers in Germany.
  • Home office allowance: We offer a financial allowance of €5 to our employees who spend an entire working day in flex work or remotely from home.
  • Discounts and special rates with corporate benefits: A special website offers you discounts and special rates for over 600 brands.


  • Modern equipment: To ensure maximum mobility and flexibility, we provide you with extensive equipment based on your needs. This includes for example a laptop, a PwC credit card, a UMTS card for cellular network service, a business trolley, and an iPhone. You can also furnish your workplace with a second monitor.
  • Jobticket (Deutschlandticket) for public transport: You will receive a subsidy for your job ticket (Deutschland Ticket) and a BahnCard 50.


  • Re-entry following parental leave: As a parent, you receive financial assistance from the date of birth/adoption. Furthermore, we want to remain in touch with you during your parental leave, e.g. to allow you to continue taking part in continuing education offerings and prepare for your return to working life at an early stage.
  • PwC Kids with KiTa or childcare options: We give you special leave if your kids get sick, offer you childcare during school summer vacation, and help you secure daycare spots (e.g. at the ZwergenLand daycare in Frankfurt am Main). 
  • Support in caring for relatives: If necessary, we are happy to support you by connecting you to caregivers and facilities or offering the free use of informational events. Furthermore, we offer part-time models and special leave for the care of ill relatives.
  • Take-away food: At certain locations you can take a balanced lunch home from the cafeteria so you don't have to cook yourself and have more time for your family.

Health services

  • Preventive care and additional services: At PwC you can benefit from free preventative check-ups on a regular basis and take part in healthcare counseling on nutrition and preventing addiction. With our Betriebskrankenkasse PricewaterhouseCoopers (BKK PwC) health insurance, you also receive attractive additional benefits beyond what is required by law. 
  • Membership to the Urban Sports Club: Benefit from discounted fees at various gyms or for a membership to the Urban Sports Club.
  • Corporate sports: Take part in our free corporate sports program or organize your own internal sports event with our financial support – for example a yoga or HIIT session.

Networks / Diversity & Inclusion

  • Shine: Our "Shine" business network is geared towards our internal LGBTIQ+ community and all interested parties across all our locations. The members collaborate to organize regular meet-ups and activities in the individual locations and gather together once a year to exchange ideas with everyone from all our locations.
  • Mosaic: Our Mosaic Network is a People of Color network (PoC network) and strives to bring those who identify as people of color together and bolster their visibility and empowerment at PwC.
  • Women: With our Women@PwC initiative, we offer development activities and regular networking meet-ups to all our female professionals who want to prepare for their next career step.
  • Parent networks: Our parent networks are intended to empower (future) parents in combining their careers and families better and thus also effectuating a cultural shift within our organization (and beyond).


  • Company pension scheme: At PwC Germany, you have the option of paying into a pension fund. If you are 45 or older, you can also participate in the deferred compensation program.
  • Broad insurance package: We offer you a broad insurance package. For example, this includes professional and personal coverage with travel health insurance, comprehensive insurance for business trips, and accident insurance, as well as group accident insurance. You are also entitled to discounted rates for disability insurance.
  • Continued pay in case of illness: An employer's statutory obligation to continue paying an employee's wages ends after six weeks. For the entire time you are receiving sickness benefits after these six weeks, we offer you financial assistance on top of your sick pay. 

We embody flexibility

We lay out our daily working life flexibly, and our collaboration is characterized by trust. This allows you to decide for example how you want to organize your work – in terms of time, location, and content. For instance, you can tailor your place of work flexibly to suit your individual circumstances. Whether mobile work, remote work from home, in the office, or a mixture of all three.

Workation in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland

"Workcations work out great! I only had to file a flexwork application, but that went off without a hitch. Since I usually work remotely from home anyway, the only thing that changes about my daily working life is the climate, the view, and the lunch. Some excursions are planned in the evenings and on the weekends."


Secondment in Rotterdam

Max completed a three-month secondment for the Audit CIPS practice group and supported PwC Netherlands. 
"What was my motivation for the secondment?"

  • An opportunity to discover and experience a different culture
  • Gather experience in an international environment
  • Gain insight into various business models and audit approaches
  • Experience a challenge and personal growth 

Flexibility in your daily working life

Whether you are a competitive canoe polo player, a soccer play, or a soccer fan – whatever passion you pursue: Elena, Raimund, and Cesar will show you that it's possible!

"Rigid working times or showing up in the office routinely have been a thing of the past here for a while. The individual provisions provide you with an opportunity to organize your free time and daily working life flexibly."

Elena, Raimund und Cesar

audit berufundfamilie certification

Precise planning and good monitoring are needed to be able to make work life as flexible as possible. We have been certified within the "audit berufundfamilie" framework since 2008. Among other things, we drive the following projects forward here: 
  • The "Be well, work well" initiative for more energy and motivation in a constantly evolving working world 
  • Options for flexible work with "activity-based working" in accordance with the "smart working" principle 
  • Increase of the independence from certain working times and types of work 
  • Expansion of the "mixed leadership" concept and promotion of a "culture of inclusion"

Have you heard?

Natascha is a passionate health manager and runner. In the podcast, we talk about the company healthcare management at PwC Germany, mindfulness, and her GPA being too low. Also, what does a flat wheel have to do with work? Why did she change her life in her early twenties?
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