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We guide our customers throughout the entire organization of their digital transformation. On the basis of our expertise and a deep understanding of the industry, we provide end-to-end cloud and digital solutions which create added value for their business. We know the most important issues of the future and help companies of all sizes every day to find the correct answers. In doing so, we focus our considerations on the needs of users. This is exactly where you come into play. Express your personality and assist us in recognizing and exploiting the growth potential of our clients in the digital world.

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Our customers trust in our comprehensive offerings for their digital transformation – beginning with the suitable cloud strategy, to user-friendly implementation, and up to targeted and innovative development. How are digital business models consolidated correctly within companies? How can you get decision-relevant, insightful information from raw, unsorted data? How can software-driven processes be run automatically using intelligent technologies? 


Cloud transformation represents the basis for digital transformation and innovation. But how can business processes be made more agile through the application of cloud solutions, and how can a cost-efficient and scalable set-up be achieved by using them? We support our customers with all their key questions throughout their entire cloud transformation journeys. By means of our extensive expertise relating to clouds and our in-depth knowledge and certified cloud experts for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we join forces with our customers to identify the best cloud solution and strategy. Our expertise encompasses topics relating to IT modernization, migration, and innovation, up to the industry cloud and team support, and spanning to compliance, security, and beyond. 

Support us in developing and realizing suitable cloud strategies for our clients!


In the Digital practice group, we guide our customers throughout the entire organization of their digital projects. We offer both established digital and IT services here – such as digital and IT strategic consulting or IT operational excellence – and digital services with above-average growth potential, such as Artificial Intelligence or digital platform topics. Furthermore, we focus on consulting and guiding our clients towards a digital culture and agile organization. This creates a sustainable result for our customers in a rapidly changing and increasingly digitalized world.

Become part of our team and support us in creating added value for the business of our customers.

Experience Consulting 

A consistent and convincing user experience is the basis for every successful digital project and each cloud-driven service. As an Experience Consulting team, we primarily guide customers through the early phase on the path towards a new or improved digital product with designs, concepts, and qualitative user rights.  Depending on the project, the result of our efforts can be a website, app, or a concept for a completely new business process. In this context, we combine design thinking methods with collaborative workshop formats to allow as many stakeholders as possible to be involved from the brainstorming to the go-live. 

Support our team of visual and service designers, user experience researchers, testers, and innovation experts in conceiving and designing our customers' products. 
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Nivedha has a bi-cultural background and is a manager in the Cloud & Digital division. In the podcast, we talk about the current trending topics in digital and IT strategy consulting, how Nivedha's Tamil roots influence her professional and personal happiness and how she manages to write her doctoral thesis at the same time as working as a manager. Also: What is Nivedha's role in the internal People of Color network "Mosaic"? Where did her last journey take her?
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