Getting to know one another 

 About the job interview 

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We are already looking forward to meeting you

With your job interview, you are already so close to becoming part of our team. For us, it is about finding out how compatible we are because we want you to be happy with your role in the long run. We also want to be happy with you so that we can achieve groundbreaking results and growth together. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions – feel free to grill us and tell us what's important to you. One more essential tip: of course preparation is valuable, but please don't let it drive you crazy because the most important thing in the interview with our colleagues is being yourself. We are looking for you – just the way you are! We are already looking forward to meeting you.

How your job interview will proceed

It is perfectly normal for you to be somewhat nervous during an interview. We value an open and relaxed atmosphere so that your nervousness subsides and we can get to know each other well. Around 2-3 people from PwC will take part in the interview with you, normally one person from recruiting and your future team lead, as well as future colleagues if applicable. After a brief round of our introductions, you will introduce yourself in detail, preferably with personal details which are not evident from your CV. Following this reciprocal exchange, we will introduce your potential role to you in more detail, discuss the contractual conditions, and clarify any final questions.

There may be a few more points.

The next steps

Following your appointment, you will get feedback from your interview partners in a very timely manner. Depending on your career level, platform, or role, you might be invited to another interview. You can definitely count on these points from us:


If we decide in your favor, we will of course let you know as soon as possible. We subsequently finalize the contractual information, prepare the contract, let the Works Council know, and send you the contract by both email and mail. You then have 14 days to accept the offer. 
Once you have signed, we will welcome you to the team, and your journey at PwC Germany will begin. For example, your Buddy will contact you to discuss your first few days of work. IT will also contact you to send you your equipment. In short, we initiate your onboarding process to enable you to have an ideal start at PwC.


We will personally let you know if you are receiving a rejection. Upon request, we can check if your application also matches other positions and keep you up-to-date on the progress. In any case we will give you feedback so that you can understand our decision. Therefore, please also let us know if you decide on another option in the meantime.

Reimbursement of travel expenses

We cover the costs for your travel and if necessary also for your overnight stay. In this context, please simply speak to the contact person from your email invitation to the job interview.

"Your interview partners are really interested in you and your personality!" - Felix Baumecker

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Your feedback is very important to us!

In order for us to continuously improve our application and hiring process, we would like to invite you to share your experience and feedback with us anonymously on kununu.
We look forward to your rating.

Your direct line to us

Do you have further questions about getting to know us? If so, feel free to reach out to your contact person from the application process. They will be happy to assist you further. Their contact information can be found in the email signature.