Help us to decide who joins the team! 

Would you like to join PwC together with friends, fellow students or acquaintances who would suit our company the same way you do? As a Talent Scout, you can help us recruit the right co-workers quickly and over the long term – including from your own personal network! If your recommendation results in someone being recruited, you will receive a bonus ranging from €500 to €8,000 based on the career level of the new employee (e.g. Trainee, Associate, Manager, Director).The payment of the bonus to employees (e.g. Interns) who have already left the company but who promoted us during their time at PwC is subject to a payroll tax deduction.
Convince a talented candidate to apply for one of our vacancies. Our PwC career portal provides you with an overview of the current vacancies.
Send your application documents (CV, certificates, job codes, location preferences) to via Google Form (in German). 
The application will be forwarded to the relevant department and assessed there.
If the application process is successful, you will receive a bonus once the new recruit has completed their probationary period.