Your first day 

Your first day is guaranteed to be special both for you and for us. It is always exciting to meet new people and to work together with them. The following sections describe how we envisage your start with us.

Your first day with us

Before your first workday, our New Joiner team will contact you via your private email address to inform you about how you will be provided with IT equipment, an employee ID and the scheduling of the Welcome Day.

If you have not received this email by three days prior to your first workday, please contact our staff in People Direct by phoning +49 511 5357-55555.

Your IT equipment

In order to ensure maximum mobility and flexibility, we provide our permanent staff with a wide range of equipment based on their needs. This includes, for example, a notebook, the PwC credit card, a UMTS card for connecting to a mobile network and an iPhone.

You will be provided with additional information during your first week of work and via our intranet.

If you have any questions about IT equipment, then please contact the IT Service Desk by calling  +49 69 9585 9999.

Show that you are part of PwC!

The employee ID with your photo provides a visible signal of your affiliation with our company. With this ID, you will be welcome at all of our 21 branches and you can also use it for cashless payment in the canteens at these locations.

Note: In order to receive your employee ID, it is absolutely necessary that you have a valid form of photo identification (official identity card or passport) with you. If you do not have such identification, we will not be able to give you your employee ID.

If you have any questions about the preparation or collection of your company ID, please contact our staff in Site Management by phoning +49 69 9585 7868.

Dresscode: Business as usual

The dress code at PwC depends completely on whether you are working at one of our branches or at the premises of clients. The dress code at our branches is generally business casual. If you are working at the premises of clients, then business formal may be called for. Your team will provide you with further information.

We recommend you wear business casual for your first day of work.