It's great to have you with us! 

We are pleased that you will soon be joining us at PwC. This page provides you with information on getting started with us. Build a career with us that is completely in line with your own ideas. You will have the best opportunities to do so with us thanks to our global network and broad spectrum of topic areas. We will guide you on your path and help you to grow at PwC.

Before your first day

It is great that you will soon be starting with us! We are currently making the preparations needed to get you off to the easiest and most pleasant start possible.

Your first day

Your first day is guaranteed to be special both for you and for us. It is always exciting to meet new people and to work together with them. The following sections describe how we envisage your start with us.

Working at PwC

We aim to create a positive workplace: an environment which facilitates flexible and creative working, in which work is recognized and effort is rewarded. See for yourself!

Bring a friend!

As a Talent Scout, you can help us recruit the right co-workers quickly and over the long term – including from your own personal network! If your recommendation results in someone being recruited, you will receive a bonus!