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Are you about to graduate high school or looking for a new start?

Abundant opportunities are available to you after graduation, which can be overwhelming at first. Don't worry, lots of people feel that way! At PwC, we want to help you bring clarity to your situation by introducing you to our diverse options. We focus on your individual needs – whether you are interested in vocational training or studying. We offer you the suitable role so you can make your own way. Regardless of the path you choose, don't forget to consider your interests and strengths because your enjoyment and enthusiasm are decisive both for your vocational training or studies and your subsequent career.

 Which path is the right one for me? 

Dual courses of study

Although you are interested in studying, you don't want to just spend your time in the lecture hall and at your desk? Then dual courses of study are exactly the right thing for you! As part of this program, you attend one of our partner universities and can put the knowledge you acquire directly into practice at PwC and pitch in right away in your team. Furthermore, you don't just make friends with other college students – you also meet new colleagues. Interesting projects, true team spirit, and an attractive salary await you here!

As a rule, our dual courses of studies begin in October and last three years, with theoretical and practical phases alternating every three months. You can find out where you can complete a dual course of study in the respective job postings.
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Vocational training

Theoretical content is too dry for you, and you want to gather practical experience from the outset? At the same time, you want to develop your personal and professional skills and earn your own money all along? If so, vocational training is the right start for you! You are a valuable team member for us from your very first day. You can be yourself here. We stick together and support one another. 

Vocational trainings usually begin on August 1 and last three years. Some shortening may be possible here. 
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Three-way courses of study

Why not do both? At PwC, you also have the opportunity to graduate from a course of studies with integrated vocational training and thus complete two qualifications at once! With a three-way course of study at PwC, you don't just combine vocational training and a course of study, you also enjoy a secure environment with team spirit and individual development opportunities.

Regardless of the path you choose, they all lead to the same goal: a successful start to a fulfilling career.

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