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Culture of Belonging

The diversity of our employees is a key value for us – we are a community of solvers. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and appreciated in order to bring in different personalities and perspectives. We use our "culture of belonging" to promote a strong community to address societal challenges and develop innovative solutions for our clients. Customized solutions arise from diverse perspectives.

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For us, diversity has many facets.

PwC Germany has been a signatory of the Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter) since 2014 and has thus committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory workplace and promoting diversity in its corporate culture. We care about the potential of all people, regardless of their religion, ethnic and social background, age, gender and gender identity, physical and cognitive abilities, or sexual orientation. We actively advocate against racism, discrimination, and violence and believe that diverse perspectives give rise to the best solutions. We apply targeted measures to promote inclusive leadership skills among our employees and offer them inclusive mindset knowledge training to bolster their empathy and reflection.

 Our dimensions of diversity 

Social background

We are aware that social background continues to impact educational and job market opportunities. That is why PwC Germany actively supports social diversity in its teams to counteract disparities in resources such as wealth, networks, and education. Our participation in Socialbee's Female Accelerator Program underlines our dedication to the labor market integration of socially underprivileged people, in particular refugee women with academic experience. We will continue to assume responsibility, share experiences, and sensitize people in order to make a sustainable contribution to integration.

Physical and cognitive abilities

Our objective is understanding the needs of people with disabilities or chronic diseases and promote an inclusive corporate culture in which everyone can realize their full potential. We reinforce inclusive leadership skills among our employees and demonstrate our commitment by participating in the myAbility Talent Program, which networks students and graduates with disabilities. Furthermore, we support The Valuable 500, a global movement to end disability exclusion and have implemented a Global Disability Inclusion Strategy.

Sexual orientation

At PwC, our culture of belonging includes the unrestricted acceptance of the sexual orientation of our employees. We take a stance for acceptance, tolerance, and respect with the Shine network. "Shine", with more than 350 members in Germany and in more than 30 countries worldwide, celebrated its 10th anniversary at CSD in Berlin in 2023. PwC supports PROUT AT WORK, a foundation for the promotion of LGBTIQ+ talents and honors employees as "PROUT PERFORMERS". QueerCareer, our annual LGBTIQ+ recruiting event, brings employees and talent together, strengthens communication and team spirit, offers insight into corporate culture, and demonstrates the diverse career opportunities at PwC.

Ethnic diversity and nationality

The PwC team appreciates diversity and does not consider a person's origin to be a decisive factor. Instead, we are interested in their individual objectives. People with a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and nationalities work at PwC Germany, which allows us to view challenges from different perspectives and find suitable solutions. Our Mosaic Network for people of color promotes communication, boosts visibility, and helps create an inclusive environment. Our Culture Wizard e-learning course supports all our employees in establishing their intercultural competence and expanding their perspectives.

Gender and gender identity

We advocate for successful careers regardless of gender and promote equal opportunities by encouraging employees to recognize stereotypical thought patterns. Our flexible working models allow for a positive work-life balance. We practice equal pay and strive for gender equality in leadership roles, supported by measures such as objectives, mentoring, and networking events like the Women Career Lounge to provide orientation and inspiration in career development.
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