Tax Solutions 

 National and International Tax Consulting 
The only constants in tax law are transformation and complexity. For you, that means you will always have new demanding assignments. A wide range of exciting and forward-thinking projects await you in our practice groups – from traditional tax and legal consulting to special fields such as indirect taxes or transactions and up to digital topics such as the use of AI tools. In a global context, you support customers comprising mid-sized and large companies across all sectors. In this context, international and interdisciplinary teams and cross-border cooperation are our joint key to success. Join us now and discover the opportunities for your career.

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Get to know our Tax Solutions platform

Practice groups

From traditional tax consulting to special fields such as indirect taxes or transactions and up to digital topics like the use of AI tools. 

Trainee programs

Whether you already have initial experience in the field of taxes or not. You can find out more about our entry programs here. 

Master's and German Tax Advisor exams

You have earned your bachelor's degree and don't know yet whether your path will continue at the university or in practice? And you are interested in taking a professional exam?

Employment accompanying your doctoral research

Does doctoral research in the area of tax law or business taxation appeal to you? At PwC, you can combine scientific research with basic training in our Tax Consulting practice groups. 

Further options for joining PwC

Find out more about your options for joining PwC in tax consulting or as a tax lawyer. 

Do you want to get to know us?

Do you want to use the opportunity to get to know us in person at a career event, hosted exclusively by PwC or directly on site on your campus? Or do you want to get more exciting and true insight in our career podcast "Versprochen".

We are among the top employers in tax consulting

JUVE crowned a ranking of top employers in tax consulting for the fourth time on the basis of an extensive survey of tax experts. The 25 most attractive consulting firms or corporate tax departments for employees were assessed for this ranking. We are very pleased that we were included again! We are particularly proud of our excellent rating in the topic of "internationality" and our comprehensive range of training and continuing education courses.

Our Tax practice groups 

National and international tax consulting (tax consulting and strategic tax optimization)

There are numerous different types of taxes, even just in Germany alone. At the same time, new legislation is passed, new directives are issued, and new judgments are pronounced regularly. In our national and international tax consulting, we maintain a clear view for companies from accounting and tax returns, up to restructuring and cross-border transactions.
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Financial Services (tax consulting for the financial industry)

What makes the Financial Services practice group special? We are not simply a tax or legal consultancy – we also always think outside the box. This is because we provide advisory services for the development of innovative financial and capital market products and create customized concepts for specific types of financing. Furthermore, we support our clients in planning and executing processes for tax or legal reasons.
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Real Estate Tax (tax consulting for the real estate sector)

Buildings are tied to their locations. That makes tax consulting even more dynamic for our customers in the real estate sector because as visionaries and innovative problem solvers, we support companies throughout the entire life cycle of a real estate investment. 
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Indirect Tax (international sales tax consulting)

Some people think that sales taxes are banal and just a pass-through item. Instead, they are some of the most important taxes because they represent the state's main source of income. You consult clients here from advance income tax returns and the objection process up to the use of digital tools – with an international focus and a strong team. 
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Global Compliance Services (tax compliance services)

We take care of everything that is necessary for tax compliance for our customers: payroll, accounting, annual financial statements, and corporate tax assessments. This also includes tax consulting relating to audits and for special customer inquiries.
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Digital Services Tax (digital solutions for tax consulting)

Why would you compile and populate data painstakingly by hand when you can do it automatically? Precisely. Therefore, in the Digital Services practice group, we ensure that taxation and legal consulting processes are automated and digitalized, e.g. using workflow management tools and robotic process automation. We also develop our own tools for this purpose and implement them.

Public Sector (tax consulting for the public sector)

"Public-owned commercial operations", "consolidated tax filing status", or "non-profits": these areas that some consider exotic are our forte. That means that we provide tax consulting for public-sector institutions and companies in the health care sector.

Transfer Pricing (tax transfer pricing management)

Corporate transfer pricing is one of the most important performance indicators for international companies. With our excellent blend of foresight and our eye for detail, we help our customers ideally monitor all transfer pricing matters. We develop customized transfer pricing strategies for this and implement them.

Private Client Solutions (tax consulting for private persons and entrepreneurial families)

Property and assets should be viewed for the long term. To ensure this, we even have an eye on the next generation in the Private Client Solutions practice group as we advise management wealthy private individuals and entrepreneurial families. We offer our clients individual consultation on all tax aspects of investment, the preservation of family wealth, and succession plans. 

Tax Principles practice group (analysis and consulting relating to tax legislation)

It feels like there are new laws, judgments, or administrative instructions each day. In the Tax Principles practice group at PwC, you always keep an eye on the current status of legislation and anticipate possible need for action – for us and our clients.
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 Our trainee programs in the Tax platform 

Do you want to get an overview at the beginning of your career before making a commitment? Then our trainee programs are exactly the right thing for you. You will get to know several fields and can find out which one fits you best, with or without prior tax experience. Almost as an aside, you will discover so many interesting topics which you may not have expected at all. 

Taxation 360°

Have you already gathered initial insight into the field of taxation? Get to know three practice groups extremely well within 18 months (including the option of a stay abroad). You can get an all-around view here. 


Your entry program without prior experience in the field of taxes. Get to know a practice group of your choice during an 8-week training and then join as an Associate. 

 Trainee program 

 Taxation 360° 

You obtain a clear view of tax consulting with us. You will get closer insight into three practice groups by spending five months in each. There are various alternatives available to do so. During the last three months, you then have the option of visiting a practice group at a PwC location in a different European country. After completing the program, you will join an area which you had previously gotten to know and appreciate.


Annually on April 1 and October 1


18 months


Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt a.M., Stuttgart, Munich, Essen, Hanover, Cologne, Nuremberg

Your program alternatives by location 

Frankfurt a.M.

  • Alternative 1: Corporate Tax, Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing
  • Alternative 2: Corporate Tax, Real Estate Tax, Deals Tax
  • Alternative 3: Public Sector, Global Compliance Services, People & Organisation
  • Alternative 4: Corporate Tax, Financial Services, Deals Tax


  • Alternative 1: Real Estate Tax, Transfer Pricing, Financial Services
  • Alternative 2: Corporate Tax, Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing
  • Alternative 3: Public Sector, Global Compliance Services, People & Organization


  • Alternative 1: Corporate Tax, Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing
  • Alternative 2: Corporate Tax, Financial Services, Deals Tax
  • Alternative 3: Corporate Tax, Real Estate Tax, Deals Tax
  • Alternative 4: Public Sector, Global Compliance Services, People & Organization


  • Alternative 1: Corporate Tax, Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing
  • Alternative 2: Corporate Tax, Financial Services, Deals Tax (with Real Estate Tax)
  • Alternative 3: Public Sector, Global Compliance Services, People & Organization


  • Alternative 1: Corporate Tax, Transfer Pricing, Indirect Tax
  • Alternative 2: Financial Services Tax, Real Estate Tax, Deals Tax
  • Alternative 3: Public Sector, Global Compliance Services, People & Organization


  • Alternative 1: Corporate Tax, Transfer Pricing, Indirect Tax
  • Alternative 2: Public Sector, Deals Tax, People & Organization


  • Alternative 1: Corporate Tax, Transfer Pricing, Indirect Tax
  • Alternative 2: Corporate Tax, Public Services Tax, Transfer Pricing


  • Alternative 1: Corporate Tax, Public Sector, Indirect Tax
  • Alternative 2: Corporate Tax, Financial Services Tax, Transfer Pricing


  • Alternative 1: Corporate Tax, Transfer Pricing, Indirect Tax
  • Alternative 2: Public Services Tax, Financial Services Tax, Real Estate Tax


  • Alternative 1: Deals Tax, Transfer Pricing, Indirect Tax

 Trainee program 


You haven't yet gathered experience in the field of taxation? Go in a completely new direction into a new career with us. You will join PwC directly as an Associate in the practice group of your choice. Your journey with us begins with an five-week training where you acquire the principles of German and international tax law. Obtain and broaden your expertise using state-of-the-art learning methods in a modern environment. These methods include e-learning, in-person training, working cafés, self-study phases, etc. When you have completed Track2Tax, you will be ideally prepared and will be able to apply and broaden your knowledge in the practice group you have selected.


Annually on April 1 and October 1


5 weeks



Select one of these nine areas for your specialization

Corporate Tax, Deals Tax, Real Estate Tax, Public Sector, Global Compliance Service, Financial Services Tax, Indirect Tax

Unfortunately we don't have any job openings at the moment 

We hope to be able to give you an update soon.

 Tax Solutions 

 Master's and German Tax Advisor exams 

You have earned your bachelor's degree and don't know yet whether your path will continue at the university or in practice? Can you also imagine completing a professional exam in the future? These don't have to be mutually exclusive. We promote part-time master's programs for employees with initial professional experience and support you on the way to sitting for your professional exams in tax consulting.
The exam master's program prepares you both for your master's degree and a professional exam.  Some of these programs were developed together with cooperation universities and other auditing and tax consulting firms specifically for our needs.

 Mannheim Master of 
 Accounting & Taxation 

 Your part-time master's program in tax consulting. The taxation curriculum in the master's program at the Mannheim Business School is custom tailored to your future activities in tax consulting. It also prepares you for your Tax Advisor exam. The customized course of studies combines theory and practice and was developed by the University of Mannheim together with the Big Four accounting firms. That means you will have a clear head and can both study and launch your career at the same time. 
You begin with a six-week onboarding in June introducing you to the principles of corporate taxation and material tax law. After that, theoretical and practical phases alternate every three months. The university blocks are held in early summer and fall, and you are excused from your studies in the busy season around the turn of the year. At PwC, you decide on a specialization in one of our Tax practice groups. In the final year, the events end in June, and you sit for your Tax Advisor exam in October.
Please note for your application: When you are approved for PwC aid, you then have to apply to the Mannheim Business School (MBS) on your own by February 15.


At PwC by January 1 at the latest; the university begins on June 1 each year


3 years (total study time)


Studies: Mannheim (Mannheim Business School)
Workplace: PwC locations

Further part-time master's programs which prepare you for your professional exam

Our cooperations

These exam master's programs are supported by PwC covering a majority of the tuition:

Application process

When you are part of PwC and your supervisors agree, you will become a candidate for the exam master's program. A selection process occurs afterward. Of course, you will be supported by your colleagues when going through the application process. The application deadlines and decision-making dates are scheduled to ensure you can observe the university application deadlines and be able to prepare for a potential selection process at the university. 


There is a promotion budget available at your free disposal. You can decide how to use and divide up your budget depending on the path you choose to your professional exam. Furthermore, we support you with internal preparatory courses, close assistance from mentors, and networking opportunities. After you have passed your exam, of course we hold a celebration dedicated to your and your colleagues' success.

 Employment accompanying your doctoral research 


Are you working towards your doctorate in tax law and looking for employment in tax consulting to accompany your doctoral research? With Research & Work, you combine extensive basic training in tax consulting with scientific doctoral research in tax law.  
The program always starts at the beginning of the quarter and runs for two years. You begin with a six-month practical phase at PwC Germany. This is followed by two alternating doctoral research and practical phases, which each last three months. During the doctoral phases in your faculty, you can dedicate yourself fully to your scientific work and those tax issues which interest you. The program ends with a six-month doctoral phase.
What happens after that? If you complete your doctorate following your first state examination, we will happily support you during your legal training period or with part-time employment. We would be pleased to welcome you back following your second state examination. After you complete the program, you have the option of taking a full-time position in one of our tax teams. 


At the beginning of each quarter


2 years


Frankfurt a.M., Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich

You can select from these professional specializations:

Corporate Tax, Mergers & Acquisition, Indirect Tax, Financial Services, Real Estate Tax, Taxation Principles, Transfer Pricing
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 Further options for joining PwC 

 Your career in tax consulting or as a tax lawyer 

Tax consulting: Get behind the wheel. 

When you pass the Tax Advisor exam, you have mastered one of Germany's most difficult tests. Many of our colleagues at PwC know this from their own personal experience, which is why we appreciate your achievement. However, passing your exam is just the beginning. At PwC, you can continue on your road to success.
As one of Germany's leading auditing and consulting firms, we offer the chance of a lifetime in a fantastic team and a motivational environment. We have interesting clients, international projects, excellent career opportunities, and a lot of personal advantages such as an overtime account, continuing education, and much more. We also make it easy for you to change employers. If you are hesitating because you have repayment or commitment clauses with your current employer, we will take care of it and pay off the incurred training and exam fees for you so there is nothing stopping you from joining us!

Tax consulting: FAQ

  • What skills should I bring along as a tax advisor? Have you already passed your Tax Advisor exam or are about to? In addition, have you already gathered experience in tax consulting for German and/or international companies? Are you also a team player with high standards for your own quality and an extremely independent way of working? Are you open to new ideas and looking forward to gradually leading your own team? Because we are part of a global network, you should also have a strong command of written and spoken English.
  • What locations can I join in tax consulting? In principle, you can join PwC at the following locations: Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Essen, Frankfurt a. M., Hamburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Saarbrücken, Schwerin, and Stuttgart.
  • Will I work as part of a fixed team as a tax advisor? Yes and no. An individual team is put together for each client. This team then stays together throughout the required period.
  • Will I be working on the clients' premises, too? From time to time, you will have to be at the clients' offices when you are coordinating the project or presenting your concepts. However, there are no plans for permanent assignments on the clients' premises.
  • Are periods spent working abroad expected for my job? Foreign assignments are possible but are not envisaged as a rule. Would you like to collect international experience? No problem. With a secondment in one of our global PwC branches, we also offer you the opportunity to broaden your personal and professional horizons outside of Germany.
  • Is there an option of working remotely? Yes – as flexibly as you want. As a rule, when your project situation allows it, you can always choose freely where to work from.
  • What are my opportunities for advancement? You won't stand still at PwC. Thanks to our training on the job and the variety of continuing education courses offered by our PwC Academy, we provide the know-how you need at any stage of your career. Additionally, we offer the best opportunities for promotion – from Manager to Senior Manager and up to Director.

Joining as a tax lawyer

What is the most exciting part of the teams at PwC for tax lawyers? In addition to the good working climate in highly skilled teams, what tax lawyers appreciate most about PwC are their personal and professional opportunities for advancement. So make the best choice – start at PwC with a diversified job for lawyers with tax consulting expertise. The diversity begins with the field of activity you choose because PwC covers everything that really counts.
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FAQ: Your career as a tax lawyer

  • What skills should I bring to PwC as a tax lawyer? Legal experts with a variety of specializations find exciting tasks at PwC – attorneys / fully qualified lawyers with a specialization in tax law. Trainee lawyers and law employees in Tax. Consultants in Tax.
  • What locations can I join in tax consulting? In principle, you can join PwC as a tax lawyer at the following locations: Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Essen, Duisburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Kassel, Kiel, Leipzig, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Osnabrück, Saarbrücken, Schwerin, and Stuttgart.
  • Will I work as part of a fixed team as a tax lawyer? No. You will work in fluctuating teams on various topics and projects. Nevertheless, you will always work in your specialization.
  • Will I be working on the clients' premises, too? That may be the case, depending on your project's topic, which is why you will also be assigned to various customers' premises.
  • Is there an option of working remotely? Yes. However, to us, a flexible workplace does not always mean working remotely from home. Within the meaning of FlexWork@PwC, your workplace can be at a number of locations away from your actual place of employment.

What is it like to work at PwC Germany?

Have you heard about our "Versprochen" career podcast? Would you like to take a look behind the scenes? What is it like to work at PwC Germany? What topics are addressed in auditing and audit-related consulting? How is the PwC culture? How are the employees? Listen to our episodes on all popular podcast players. 
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