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PwC Germany brings together a wide variety of people. We work together with ingenuity, experience and technological innovation to find smart solutions, create sustainable results and build trust in the economy and society. But what really sets us apart is our team spirit, our clear set of values and our unique culture. Become a part of it.

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A relaxed atmosphere, exciting topics and plenty of room for personal exchange: our events are your chance to gain first-hand insights, get to know us better and network.

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Let's shape the future together – "human-led and tech-powered"

Our response to the challenges posed by a quickly evolving world is a transformation led by people and supported by technology. We, the community of solvers, are the fundamental part of this equation.
In this context, we are convinced that interdisciplinary groups can offer the best response to complex challenges. We want our teams to be as colorful and diverse as our talents because time and again, diversity has led to inspiring results.
With all the skills and facets found in our community of solvers, we care deeply about open and respectful interaction. We emphasize a sense of belonging and stand for integration, understanding, and respect.

Our employer values

Innovation & Purpose

As an employer, we promote agile work practices, the use and development of new technologies, and modified methods to effectively drive the cultural transformation process forward.

Respectful interaction

On the basis of our values, we have created a healthy climate and freedom so that you can identify with your work, enjoy contributing, and be able to grow and evolve. 

Inclusion & teamwork

We focus on diversity. With all the skills and facets found in our community of solvers, we care deeply about open and respectful collaboration.

Personal & professional development

Within our global network, you can grow as an individual, build sound relationships, and make a real impact.


All PwC employees have joined forces to develop a new basis of teamwork with a focus on their individual needs and mutual respect. 

Confidence which motivates us

Working together to solve challenging problems and inspiring confidence in a constantly changing world is what drives us worldwide at PwC. In the process, we also show you plenty of trust – trust in your ideas, your decisions, and your organizational skills. For example, you can decide for yourself when and where you want to work each day.

A variety of topics awaits you

Every day, our clients face new challenges, seek to put ideas into practice, and are looking for advice. We support them here with more than 14,000 smart people and the resources of our network of experts throughout 155 countries. We contribute our experience, industry expertise, technological understanding, and high standards of quality to each project.

Our specific ability to innovate is also effective in this context. Whether this refers to using VR technologies in experience consulting, AI applications for detecting anomalies in tax advisory services, product piracy in legal advisory services, or Halo for SAP in auditing: We always find future-oriented solutions for the challenges faced by our clients and link our core skills to digital expertise.

Are we a "perfect match"?

Do you want to make a difference? Do you have a meticulous eye and enjoy the digital transformation? Do you want to make more of a difference with your job and play a sustainable role with your ideas? Join us and work with us to find the solutions of tomorrow. In doing so, help us secure a high degree of confidence in our economy. An analytical and conceptual skillset is advantageous here, as are your open-minded and confident demeanor, strong communication skills, and ideally the initial work experience you have gained (e.g. through internships). Furthermore, you should have an interest in digital tools since we are using an increasing number of new technologies and also help develop them. Regardless of whether you have your bachelor's or master's degree – you can join us with either. Besides your professional qualifications, we focus on your personality. We aim to be a trustworthy partner to our customers – that requires understanding people and having intuition and sensitivity, empathy, and the power of persuasion.

In short: We are looking for you – just the way you are.

Social life and our values at PwC Germany

We are what makes our community of solvers so unique – our employees themselves. We are driven by a desire to solve challenging problems and inspire confidence in a constantly changing world. We need an excellent team for such a major purpose. As an employer, we capitalize on solidarity, inclusion, and communication within the team. 
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Our values and ethical principles 

These are the groundwork for everything we do. These values allow us to shape a healthy, sustainable, and positive environment. Furthermore, with our ethics office, we have an independent and neutral department for our colleagues to contact if they feel there have been violations to our values or principles on ethics, or with regard to diversity and inclusion. 

Act with integrity

We stand up for what we think is right and important. We assume responsibility for the quality of our work – individually and as a team. We make decisions which we personally vouch for in the long term.

Make a difference

We take time for change and scrutinize its influence on our clients and ourselves. We shape this transformation with courage – together with our colleagues, clients, and society. We face change with unwavering curiosity and always remain flexible and agile.


We are open-minded and pay attention to what is important to others. We appreciate the contribution each individual makes. We support one another in surpassing ourselves.

Work together

We are team players and share our expertise with others so we can grow together. We value diversity in personalities, perspectives, and ideas and include them in our daily decision-making. We give and receive regular feedback in order to keep developing further.

Reimagine the possible

We question the status quo – every single day. We try new things and consider mistakes opportunities to improve. Without bias, we recognize and exploit the possibilities embedded in each new idea.

Become part of a global network

PwC Germany is integrated in the global PwC network as an independent member – meaning it's at home everywhere in the world. We benefit from our global network of experts and collaborate across borders, thus building upon our common experiences. Our guiding principle is "Build trust in society and solve important problems". This is the basis of our corporate success, our strategic significance, and a constant which demonstrates why we do what we do.

That means that we assume responsibility for the market, environment, society, and people – worldwide.





50,3 Bn. USD


Our Locations

Further details on all of our 21 locations in Germany.

Our headquarters: Tower 185 in Frankfurt am Main

The city of Frankfurt am Main is of international significance as a hub of finance and services. Our Tower 185 on Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage is the largest PwC location in Germany with 2,800 employees. It is centrally located between Frankfurt's main train station and fairgrounds.
At 200 meters and 50 stories, the tower is Germany's fourth highest office building. Its design complies with our understanding of sustainability and environmental management. As a green building, the tower falls around 20 percent below the requirements set forth in the Energy Saving Ordinance (Energieeinsparverordnung – EnEV). The consumption of drinking water has been reduced by approximately 2.3 million liters per year through the use of rainwater for irrigation and toilet flushing. The fact that 50 percent of the skyscraper's facade is closed saves energy for heating and cooling and reduces CO2 emissions. 

Our headquarters: Tower 185 in Frankfurt am Main

From both inside and out, Tower 185 mirrors our understanding of a modern working world shaped by communication, flexibility, and mobility. The room atmosphere in the offices and public areas is of particular importance to us. As early as construction, only environmentally friendly materials and certified wood were used, preferably sourced locally. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a lot of light to enter the three-meter-high rooms. We provide high-quality office chairs at all our workspaces. Furthermore, our modern interior design actualizes our employees' wishes for well-being and motivation. The interior design and furnishings of Tower 185 were selected to
  • Promote networking and communication
  • Encourage the exchange of information and transfer of knowledge with modern and easy-to-use technology
  • Facilitate the normal daily working life with service facilities for infrastructure and logistics
  • Improve the internal and external mobility of employees
  • Ensure people can design their work areas individually and create an open workplace atmosphere and a climate of well-being

Our premises

We aim to reflect the modern working world in our premises. Our main concern is the well-being of our colleagues and ensuring this is evident in our interior design. In addition to desk hoteling concepts, we provide plenty of options to withdraw and work undisturbed. There are also meeting places everywhere which invite employees to exchange ideas. All our workspaces are equipped with high-quality ergonomic office chairs. If necessary, we also offer the option of using height-adjustable desks.

Get a 360° view of our premises at the Frankfurt am Main locations here. 

Grab your VR-glasses and take a 360° walk through our tower in Frankfurt am Main

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 Corporate Sustainability 

Acting responsibly

Our purpose "to build trust in society and solve important problems" obliges us to assume social responsibility. No matter whether you volunteer for a charitable organization, support trash collection campaigns, or organize fundraising drives, we are an employer which offers you the freedom to do so, even during working hours, recognizes your service to society, and supports the projects close to your heart. We don't just advance sustainability when auditing and advising our clients. We also strive every single day to make PwC Germany more sustainable in all dimensions.

More information can be found here. 

ESG@PwC: Environment

We as a network are committed to the goal of a net-zero future and have set ourselves short-term, science-based climate goals by 2030. Our Going Paperless and Going Plastic-free initiatives also play a role here. We are already offsetting the emissions we have not yet been able to reduce completely, e.g. from business travel, commuting, office use, and home offices. We exclusively use energy from renewable sources for our office buildings. In addition, we contribute to more biodiversity and an increasingly circular economy while supporting our employees in their conscious and sustainable handling of resources.
At PwC, environmental protection means more than climate neutrality. For instance, we are committed to encouraging biodiversity, as illustrated by the beehives located on the rooftops of two of our locations. Sustainability plays a decisive role when furnishing our offices. For example, we use carpets made of recycled fishing nets and upcycle old chairs and reuse them. You can also actively participate in our environmental commitment. We take part in World Clean-Up Day at various locations and regularly exchange ideas relating to environmental topics and measures with involved colleagues in our "Green Heroes" community.

ESG@PwC: Social

Our society is in upheaval – technological and demographic change and the challenges posed by globalization have led to tensions which endanger societal cohesion. Confronting these tensions is not just the responsibility of the state – companies must play their role. We aim to assume societal responsibility to act as a trustworthy and dedicated transformation partner in a society focused on sustainability. We are committed to pro bono projects and financial donations, among other activities. We establish partnerships with various non-profit organizations and social start-ups to master these challenges together. An extremely important cornerstone of our corporate commitment to our society is the PwC-Stiftung foundation established in 2002 to promote the education of children and young people. Traditionally, PwC's Chairperson of the Management Board also holds the role of Chairperson of the Board of our foundation. Corporate volunteering is also a priority at PwC. For example, we allow our employees to volunteer for social causes during their working hours and also recognize their private community involvement with our annual PwC Social Award. We are convinced that societal responsibility can be put into practice by supporting a wide variety of projects. Perhaps there is a project you would like to support on our community service platform. You can read more about PwC's social commitment here.

ESG@PwC: Governance

PwC's organizational structures and process must satisfy the highest statutory, professional, and ethical requirements. We verify this each year in a transparency report pursuant to Article 13 of the Regulation (EU) 537/2014 and in an externally audited sustainability report prepared in accordance with the reporting standards set forth by the Global Reporting Initiative. Furthermore, we have pledged to comply with a series of international ESG standards and established effective CS management:

  • We are a UN Global Compact participant and apply its Ten Principles to our own operations, as well as along our supply chain. We have avowed ourselves to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and align our climate and environmental strategy to the objectives and contents of the Paris Convention for climate protection. PwC is also committed to the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as to the five fundamental principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the associated eight core labor standards. 
  • Because of its significance for our corporate success, our Corporate Sustainability Officer (CSO) is a member of the Management Board. The CSO is supported by the CS Board, comprising experienced representatives from the three platforms, as well as internal departments. The CS Board generates innovation and impulses for services and products, as well as for our internal CS strategy. In turn, our CS team assists the CS Board in the operational realization of the sustainability measures it implements and organizes the standard operation of CS management.

The dedication of our Green Heroes

Our Green Heroes are an excellent opportunity for colleagues to personally dedicate themselves to more climate and environmental protection at PwC, weigh in with their own suggestions, and exchange ideas. I am impressed to see how more and more employees are participating! All employees need to be involved to achieve a true sustainable transformation at PwC.
Anthony Keilwerth
Lead Green Heroes
Corporate Sustainability Team
We do what characterizes our professional activities at PwC on a daily basis. We listen to one another carefully, establish understanding, and create solutions together. Together with the other dedicated Green Heroes, I want to play a significant role in demonstrating that success and fairness belong together.
Ilija Kankaras
Lead Community Heroes
Corporate Sustainability Team
I am happy that the Community Heroes program at PwC gives me the opportunity to exchange ideas about our community service with colleagues pursuing the same objectives. It is inspiring to hear about the fantastic projects my colleagues are supporting or sometimes even initiating.
Juliane Werr
Community Hero

 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

We have avowed ourselves to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We make an especially important, quantifiable contribution to five of these goals with our business operations.

SDG 4: High-quality education

At PwC, we embrace a working and team culture which offers everyone the opportunity to fully develop their own potential and seize all their development opportunities. For this purpose, we have initiated numerous measures to offer equal-opportunity and high-quality education to people of all ages within and outside our company and offer a comprehensive continuing education program with professional and language trainings as well as leadership and soft-skill seminars. By means of the charitable PwC Foundation, we also promote aesthetic cultural education, value-oriented economic education, and the digital education of students in all types of schools.
Auditing and audit-related advisory services are exposed to a wide variety of risks because of its business operations and the associated regulatory environment. In the field of Assurance Risk & Quality, you will support your colleagues in practice and assist the leadership team in detecting existing risks, analyzing them, and taking or refining suitable risk-mitigating measures.
Additionally, you will be responsible for quality assurance, e.g. as part of engagement-specific quality assurance and the active supervision of various regulatory topics.

SDG 5: Gender equality

We embrace diversity and an inclusive working and team culture which offers everyone the opportunity to fully develop their own potential and seize all their development opportunities. We have established company-wide target figures and department-specific measures in order to increase the percentage of women in leadership roles. We use our internal and external women's networks to support the personal and professional continuing education of ambitious high performers.
Furthermore, PwC supports the United Nations HeForShe initiative, which calls on men in particular to advocate for gender equality.
As an employer, PwC is also required to implement the provisions set forth in the General Act on Equal Treatment (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz – AGG). Therefore, we train all our employees regularly on this legislation. Sensitization relating to the topic of discrimination is a further key cornerstone, both for achieving and maintaining a work culture free of discrimination, and for a non-discriminatory society overall. We use targeted trainings to provide our employees with tools to help them break through their unconscious biases and thus increase equal opportunities for all.

SDG 8: Humane working conditions and economic growth

We support customers of all sizes and across all industries from their strategy through execution, thus making significant contributions to value, economic growth, and high-quality jobs – within planetary boundaries. We pool the associated activities within an overarching approach, uniting experiences and resources.
We provide strategic, operational, and technological consulting throughout the entire lifecycle. For example, we support companies in proactively defining and maximizing the value contribution of digitalization for the sustainable, sound development of the economy and society. At the same time, this allows us to promote the responsible advancement of digitalization along the value chain.
We consider innovations, agility, and disruptive thought to be the engine of our own growth – both as part of our customer projects and in our own everyday work.

SDG 12: Sustainable consumption and production 

PwC Germany doesn't want its customers, the public, and its own employees to perceive it only in terms of its high-quality products and reliable services, but also consider it an "attorney" for the ecological, technological, and social transformation within the meaning of the PwC purpose of "building trust in society and solving important problems".
We want to handle resources responsibly in order to preserve a world in which future generations can live. This includes the responsible handling of resources. Accordingly, we pursue the objectives of Going Circular, Going Paperless, and Going Plastic-free. A circular economy is becoming more and more important, which is why we also support our customers in realizing relevant approaches.

SDG 13: Environmental protection measures

We want to hold a forward-looking position in society:
Our applicants, employees, and customers expect us to protect the climate and the environment. We aim to forge ahead as pioneers here. Our quantifiable, proven sustainability performance builds up confidence in the public perception and promotes open and purposeful dialog.
We as a network assume responsibility for the climate and are committed to the goal of a net-zero future and have set ourselves short-term, science-based climate goals by 2030. We pursue intensive environmental management in order to achieve these targets. We also use our services (e.g. with our Climate Excellent Tool) to help develop and execute climate protection strategies and activities for our customers. We also consult public authorities in (further) developing climate protection programs. In addition, we contribute to more biodiversity and an increasingly circular economy while supporting our employees in their conscious and sustainable handling of resources.