Assurance Solutions 

 Your career in auditing and audit-related advisory services. 

Trust is more important than ever. 

In these challenging times, we help our clients to secure and increase the trust of their stakeholders. We know that the quality of information is the strongest lever for companies in acquiring and maintaining the confidence of stakeholders. In other words: Trust matters. Trust is more important than ever.

We stand side-by-side with our clients from finance (banks, insurance companies, asset wealth management) and industry. With our expertise and our high standards of quality, we make our contribution to greater stability and transparency in a rapidly changing world. All of us together, as a community of solvers.

Auditing responsibilities are multifaceted and offer you opportunities. You receive fascinating insights into a wide variety of sectors and topics ranging from family-run toy manufacturers and the public sector to international corporations.

Your overview: Get to know our Assurance Solutions Platform 

Practice group: Audit Services

Here you gain insight into the diversity of the topics in the Audit Services practice group and learn that traditional auditing represents much more today. Furthermore, you can search our jobs for your employment or internship here. 

Practice group: Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS)

Find out all information here regarding how we provide our customers with accounting and capital market advisory services to guide them into the digital future of finance and reporting. You can also search our current openings for your employment or internship here. 

Trainee programs and master’s facilitation

You can find additional options for starting your career here.

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Do you want to use the chance to get to know us in person at a career event, hosted exclusively by PwC or directly on site on your campus? Or do you want to get more exciting and true insight in our career podcast "Versprochen"?

 Practice group: 

 Audit Services 

Why should you start working in auditing?

Do you want to make an important contribution to the economy, environment, and society with your job? In a setting where you can grow and evolve as a person? And tasks which don't just involve numbers and instead focus on people?
Your entry opportunities in the Audit Services division 


With our activities, we ensure trust in both the financial and non-financial indicators of companies. Through the audit of annual and consolidated financial statements pursuant to national and international accounting standards and special audits (e.g. performance audits and credit assessments), we guarantee that partners, shareholders, banks, employees, and many other people can make good use of our clients' financial information and rely on it.

Far-reaching insight

When assisting our customers from a wide variety of sectors, we first have to understand their business models, company cultures, and potential in order to be able to interpret their numbers correctly. Up close and in conversations with people on site, you will get deep insight into what drives these various companies and makes them so special.

We guide companies in their transformation

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotic Process Automation – auditing is becoming more efficient and future-proof thanks to technological changes. We are using modern technologies on the way to auditing of the future. We are transforming from checkmarkers to data scientists – technical expertise has long taken the place of manual tasks. This has caused us to focus more on the use of innovative tools, but also to assist our customers with many entrepreneurial and business issues and provide them with consulting services in this context.

Diverse assignments and sustainability

Furthermore, traditional auditing has evolved and changed in recent years. New methods, the use of digital auditing equipment, and new performance potential also give rise to new opportunities for your development within the job profile. For example, auditing sustainability information by performing comprehensive controlling and reporting – including of non-financial information – has opened up the opportunity for us to continue developing our work and make a meaningful contribution. In addition, we aim to make our auditing "greener" and more eco-friendly until it is a "green audit". 

Placement student jobs in Audit Services

Accelerated Internship
Are you right at the beginning of your studies?

In an accelerated internship, we offer a unique opportunity to combine practice and theory throughout your entire course of study. You take center stage and gather far-reaching insight into auditing and consulting, all while earning good money. As part of a steady PwC team, you will experience daily work routines and can develop further with a customized training concept. Your personal buddy from the PwC network will accompany you from the very beginning. We offer flexibility to combine your studies with your work – you decide how much, when, and where you work. Later, you will be able to bring the practical experience you gather in your accelerated internship into your practical semester and other PwC programs in the long term, e.g. when you are employed here.
Take part in one of our FAQ sessions, get to know us, and get first-hand insight: 
  • Wednesday, March 20, 18:00 - 19:00 pm
  • Wednesday, April 24, 18:00 - 19:00 pm
  • Wednesday, May 22, 18:00 - 19:00 pm
  • Wednesday, June 26, 18:00 - 19:00 pm

Simply dial in with the following link:
You can't take part? Then contact us at
Student Delivery Model
You have already passed through an internship at PwC Germany and are interested in continuing to contribute during your studies as a placement student?

Audit teams can use the Student Delivery Platform to flexibly assign tasks to students. This innovative form of collaboration enables you to work from any location based on the amount of time you would like to invest. You are emailed the assignments and can decide flexibly which ones to accept.

Your e-contact person is available to answer any questions you may have, and after completing your assignments, you are paid for every hour you work. This means that you can accept new challenges steadily.

 Practice group: 

 Capital Markets & 
 Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS) 

Accounting & Reporting

We assist companies with all their questions relating to accounting and financial reporting (HGB, IFRS, US GAAP) and offer managed services. New standards and regulations must be understood and implemented in companies. Companies have to convert their accounting for various reasons. Sometimes they would like to make a targeted impact on their public image in their financial reporting. You consult companies – from the first-time application of accounting standards up to embedding them in accounting practice. This also encompasses the implementation of digital solutions in reporting.
Apply now:

Digital Finance

The digital and efficient establishment of processes in finance and accounting is currently one of the largest challenges. Within the scope of the finance transformation, we rely on software solutions and new technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), data analytics, and chatbots, in addition to our broad expertise. You guide companies on the way into a digital future and advise them, for example in selecting and implementing digital solutions for specific accounting issues, the preparation of financial statements and (sustainability) reporting, and modern knowledge management.

Embedding Sustainability

Sustainability is in the forefront of business and society and has led to non-financial reporting also playing an increasingly important role on the capital markets and for investors. Furthermore, policy has driven this development forward with new statutory regulations.  Companies have to take clear positions and report accordingly. We help our customers fulfill the increasingly stringent requirements in the area of non-financial reporting. In this context, you advise companies regarding the implementation of regulatory requirements, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) or the EU taxonomy, including in connection with their implications for the strategy of a company.
Apply now:

Deals / M&A / Carve Out

Corporate transactions are a complex topic – including from an accounting point of view.  You support our clients within the scope of corporate acquisitions and sales with fascinating topics such as accounting questions (HGB, IFRS, or US-GAAP) as well as the preparation of the respective requirement financial information and ESG criteria throughout the entire lifecycle of the deal.

Initial Public Offering / IPO

Whether relating to a traditional initial public offering or leveraging, sensitive advisory services are necessary when entering into the capital market to lead companies securely into the future (IPO services). You advise companies prior to, during, and after their initial public offerings, for example when preparing or auditing their pro forma financial information, when drawing up their profit projections, when executing IPO readiness assessments, and preparing a prospectus, including regarding SEC issues.

 Trainee program and 
 facilitation of our master's program 

 Trainee program 

 Your Future @ Assurance 

Do you want to get a complete panoramic view of our Assurance platform within 18 months while obtaining diverse insight into the various topics? You always have us at your side as a secure partner – in addition to a personal buddy, there is a particular emphasis on ensuring you are integrated in the teams and are thus in close contact with our colleagues. At the beginning, you take part in an onboarding week during which you gather all important information about PwC Germany as an employer and can network with your future team members.


September 1


18 months


Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart

Mandatory stations

With our trainee program "Your Future @ Assurance" you will run through three mandatory stations: Audit (5 months), CMAAS (5 months) and our National Office (5 months).

National Office

You will support our colleagues in auditing and the Leadership Team in solving complex issues relating to auditing, accounting and sustainability reporting or the quality assurance of our auditing activities. You will learn to identify and analyze risks in issues and develop suitable responses or measures.

Elective stations

Afterward the three mandatory stations the choice is yours, which area you would like to get to know better in your fourth station of 3 months. Find out more about the individual stations in the tabs below: 


You will get to know our innovation team, be creative, and support innovation projects here – you actively drive innovation management forward and help shape it! Working here is fascinating and extremely varied because impressive innovations don't just make an impact on our work today, but also pave the way into the successful digital future of tomorrow.

Competence Center

In the Competence Center, you will work at the interface between internal processes and client work. A number of standardized services for our clients in the industrial and financial sector are rendered here on behalf of our Assurance team.

During the trainee program, you will get to know about key audit fields and various technologies using the bots developed in the Center and work independently on audit duties within the team. In doing so, you acquire insight into managing a number of engagements and employees and can broaden your skills in project planning and management, as well as personnel management. In addition, in direct contact with the extended center management, in the Competence Center you can acquire an understanding of management and controlling, the organization, quality management, and training and continuing education.

Assurance Digital

Let's get digital: How do we proceed from a problem to an innovative digital solution which assists our teams and our customers? How can we ensure that our solutions meet the needs of our customers, while their use is intuitive and enjoyable? Which technologies can we use to build initial prototypes and also realize ideas quickly overall? 
We will take you along on a journey: Hand in hand with our product designers, you will pass through our entire innovation process. The ideation is followed directly by a hackathon with exciting topics where you can design and develop your idea with the assistance of real experts. For example, our product designers support you with user research and solution design relating to your idea. During the initial implementation, you learn low-code applications such as Alteryx with our Digital Accelerators to take the first steps towards the success for your idea.
At the end, you have not just driven your own idea further, you have also tried out digital innovation work.

Assurance People Team

Obtain fascinating insight into a wide variety of People topics and assist our colleagues at the interface between business and the central Human Resources practice groups. As part of the Assurance People Team, you support the strategic agenda of the practice group and contribute to achieving our growth and transformation objectives by means of professional Human Resources efforts. In doing so, you cooperate with your colleagues to build a bridge between strategic initiatives and operational implementation.
With your experience and a fresh view from the outside, you can contribute to working out practice-oriented solutions, e.g. for improving processes and structures or in appealing to qualified talent. 


The topic of sustainability is increasingly relevant, and now it is also indispensable for auditing and audit-related advisory services. With holistic management and reporting – including of non-financial information – companies create more credibility and confidence on the market while also ensuring that sustainability is embedded in all corporate sectors.
The topic of "ESG/Sustainability" is integrated in the practice group of Audit, CMAAS. 

 Trainee program 

 Financially yours 

Within 18 months, you will get to know one of the following Financial Services sectors in the area of auditing and audit-related advisory services and obtain diverse insight into our themes: 
  • Banks 
  • Insurance Companies
  • Asset & wealth management

After the program, you will join one of the practice groups you have passed through with a permanent employment contract. We also offer the opportunity of being assigned abroad. With a bachelor's degree, you can also subsequently begin a part-time master’s degree program such as AuditXcellence or the Mannheim Master of Accounting & Taxation.


April 1 and September 1


18 months


Düsseldorf, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart


At the beginning, you will take part in an onboarding week during which you gather all important information about PwC Germany as an employer and can network with your future team members. In the sector of your choice (banking, insurance, asset & wealth management), you will then acquire all the key basic principles of our work in the Audit Services practice group over six months and assist us with our clients from the same industry. 

Elective stations

Your six-month start in the Audit practice group (sector selection) is followed by two elective phases of six months each. The following practice groups are available here: 

Governance, Risk and Compliance

You help banks, insurance companies, and asset management firms keep their finger on the pulse of the times and support clients relating to the topics of risk management, regulation, and compliance. If you decide to focus on compliance, you will deal with topics such as money laundering, financial crime, and fraud, the observance of embargoes and sanctions, compliance with securities regulations and general conformity with legal requirements (compliance). If you are more interested in risk management or regulations, you will assist our customers in all fields of activity relating to risk management or supervisory regulations. In addition to financial risk management, you will also guide our customers in handling climate risks, measuring financial instruments, applying risk models and rating processes, and fulfilling the requirements set forth by European and domestic authorities. Assignments in consulting projects and the auditing of financial statements are possible in the Governance, Risk and Compliance practice group.  

Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS)

As part of our Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS) team, you will accompany companies from the banking and insurance sector and asset management firms into the digital future of finance & reporting, as well as in facing extraordinary challenges on the capital market and relating to sustainability reporting.

Technology & Process Risk (TPR)

In the Technology & Process Risk (TPR) practice group, you will deal with the security of data, business processes, and IT systems. We support our clients throughout their transformation processes by providing both auditing and consulting. In this context, we are especially skilled in acting as mediators – between both technical requirements and IT realization and between security and efficiency. We focus on the identification and handling of risks and opportunities for our customers.

Financial Services Tax (for insurance companies)

In the Financial Services Tax team, you assist financial and insurance companies with all their tax issues: you will write first-rate tax assessments, prepare tax returns for corporations, drive the digitalization in tax consulting forward, and learn to use GenAI for tax purposes.
We provide advisory services for the development of innovative financial and capital market products and create customized concepts for specific types of financing. Furthermore, we support our clients in planning and executing processes for tax or legal reasons. The basis for this is an exact awareness of the interaction of supervisory law, accounting, and tax law.


 Your part-time master’s degree program 

Course of the AuditXcellence master’s program

  • The program begins on November 1 at the latest with a practice phase at PwC spanning at least six months. 
  • At the same time, you sit for the entrance exams at the university in January. They comprise two exams and cover the subjects of general business administration/economics, business auditing, company valuation, professional law, and tax law.
  • If you pass, the course of studies lasting three and a half years begins in May, with alternating practical and studies phases during the part-time master’s degree program.
  • From November until the end of April, you will be assigned to your local office, where you will work with your audit team at your customers' premises. You decide right at the beginning whether you want to work in the Industrial Services or Financial Services practice group. 
  • From May until the end of October, you are at the university and have the flexibility you need to fully concentrate on your studies. 
  • You will complete your AuditXcellence master’s program with the internationally recognized academic degree of "Master of Science" or "Master of Arts", respectively. This degree is state-recognized and accredited pursuant to Section 8a of the Public Accountant Act (Wirtschaftsprüferordnung – WPO).
  • Once you have graduated, you will take your German Public Auditor exams at the next possible opportunity. The written exams are held in August, while the oral exam is conducted in December. Right at the beginning you will be given a permanent employment contract and will also work for PwC Germany following graduation.

 Your advantages with AudtiXcellence 

Professional experience for the German Public Auditor exams

The contents of the AuditXcellence course of studies are oriented towards the reference framework of the Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (Section 8a WPO). The professional experience you gain at PwC Germany will allow you to fulfill all the practical requirements to be admitted to take the exams to become a German Public Auditor.

Recognition of your academic achievements

The credits you have earned in the general business administration/economics and law modules during your course of studies are recognized for your subsequent exams to become a German Public Auditor. This cuts your workload down to tax law, business auditing, company valuation, and professional law.

Tuition payment

PwC takes care of all the tuition, including remote exam courses and revision courses. You just have to pay the exam fees.

Permanent employee contract

You are given a permanent employee contract from the very beginning.

Structured training

We offer you a combination of on-the-job and off-the-job training with many courses relating to professional topics and advancing your soft skills.

Network establishment

Meet our colleagues in the PwC network and make valuable contacts.

 Get to know our 
 Community of Solvers 

Meet us at our career events

A relaxed atmosphere, exciting topics and plenty of room for personal exchange: our events are your chance to gain first-hand insights, get to know us better and network.

What is it like to work at PwC Germany?

Have you heard about our "Versprochen" career podcast? Would you like to take a peek behind the scenes? What is it like to work at PwC Germany? What topics are addressed in auditing and audit-related consulting? How is the PwC culture? How are the employees? Listen to our episodes on all popular podcast players. 
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„Uni-Ulm“ podcast collaboration

We have been pleased to have multiple opportunities to speak to the Ulmer Forum für Wirtschaftswissenschaften e.V. on their "Careers in auditing" podcast. 
  • Katharina Deni, herself a German Public Auditor and Assurance People & Partner Matters Leader, gives fascinating insight into her daily work in the season Wirtschaftsprüfung kann mehr - Zukunft machen relating to the future of auditing. 
  • In the „Perspektivisch denken“ series on thinking ahead, Rüdiger Loitz, German Public Auditor, CPA, and tax consultant, as well as a partner in Assurance Technology & Innovation joined other colleagues to discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on auditing now and in the future and how the work of auditors can become more efficient with higher quality with the assistance of AI-based systems.

Your contact person

Amelie Paintner

+49 1514 6340194