Consultation for the digital transformation 
 – from the strategy up to realization 

Your overview: Get to know our Transformation Platform 

Even if we are called corporate consultants, we always advise people and offer them individual assistance in mastering the digital transformation. At PwC, you can support company bosses in transferring their business processes online. In this context, you can aid leaders in reducing bureaucracy with the help of Artificial Intelligence. You can also provide employees with pioneering technologies to boost efficiency and sales revenue although the environment is increasingly complex and the economy is becoming more fragile. For this purpose, you will be immersed in the current processes and systems of our customers. Assess opportunities and risks and drive the topics further within your team to develop new and innovative solutions.

Management Consulting

New technologies are currently changing the world and the economy. The objective of our consultation is preparing companies for a digital future and in doing so orient them towards the future, whether by applying forward-looking strategies and business models, implementing new structures, or using modern IT systems. 

Technology Consulting

We accompany our customers on their path toward Economy 2.0 by giving them reliable advice regarding digital and technological issues. The range of topics spans from process optimization with S/4HANA to new business models on the basis of the IoT and up to business intelligence and customer acquisition by means of CRM.  

Energy Services

We look ahead to help shape the transformation in the energy sector and face the industry's challenges, including the energy revolution, regulatory requirements, and digitalization.

Public Services

We advise the federal government, federal states, municipalities, public undertakings, universities, and not-for-profit organizations with regard to digitalization, the energy revolution, mobility, and demographic change. 

People & Organisation

There is a focus on people here: we cover the entire spectrum of HR consulting.


We develop strategies and support our customers in successfully implementing them, whether they are facing business or financial challenges, regulatory or technological issues, or the greatest transformations of our time. 

Hit the ground running in one of our trainee programs in the Technology Consulting practice group

Gain an overview of our four trainee programs and find the entry patch that suits you best.

Or get started in the HR&YOU trainee program

Your entry into HR consulting in the area of People & Organization.

 Management Consulting 

Development of innovative services and intelligent business models

Artificial Intelligence, blockchains, the Internet of Things, cloud computing: New technologies are currently changing the world and the economy. The objective of our consultation is preparing companies for a digital future and in doing so orient them towards the future and create competitive advantages, whether by applying forward-looking strategies and business models, implementing new structures and processes, or using modern software and IT systems. Develop virtual reality services for an automobile manufacturer, make the business model of an energy supplier smarter using KI, or accelerate the production of vital drugs using optimized IT systems. We will shape the digital transformation together.


We support our clients in all their customer-related areas – we develop and implement market, client, and customer experience strategies. We focus on IT system (KI, RPA, chatbots) for marketing, sales, pricing, and service. More...


We consult you in the design and organization of your production, supply chain management, product development, market and customer management, real estate and property, and the management of major projects. More... 

People & Organisation

We facilitate a comprehensive Human Resources transformation for our customers.
This includes the selection and implementation of HR cloud solutions and solutions for talent management and the digitalization of HR duties. More...  

Program and Portfolio Management

As part of our PPM organizational consulting, we help our customers from the set-up and optimization of PPM line organizations and up to a business transformation office, as well as the operational implementation.


We develop future-fit CFO agendas, provide support for the development of management and target operation models, for the optimization of accounting and controlling processes, and for the design of digitalization (such as robotics, Artificial Intelligence, SAP S/4HNA, etc.). More...

 Technology Consulting 

Strategic IT consulting for digital and technological questions

We accompany our customers on their path toward Economy 2.0 by giving them reliable advice regarding digital and technological issues. The range of topics spans from process optimization with S/4HANA to new business models on the basis of the IoT and up to business intelligence and customer acquisition by means of CRM. We unite great technical and digital knowledge regarding new technologies with many years of experience in project work and creativity. At PwC, you can help shape IT strategies, immerse yourself in technical concepts and process specifications, or help implement IT solutions. 

ERP Systeme

We support our customers' digital transformation with customized ERP solutions - from strategy to technical implementation. With SAP S/4HANA, we optimize business models and company processes digitally and analogue with our global network of ERP experts. More... 

Data & Analytics

We turn raw, unsorted data into decision-relevant information and make it available in a well-structured form. We stand for the development and implementation of data-supported management systems and future-oriented strategies.

Customer Transformation

We stand for forward-looking and data-based consulting along the entire value chain in the fields of marketing, pricing, sales, commerce, and service. For this purpose, we rely on innovative cloud platforms and modern forms of learning for digital solutions and new operations. More...

 Our trainee programs 
 in the Technology Consulting 
 practice group 

Do you want to get an overview first at the beginning of your career before making a commitment? Then our trainee programs are exactly the right thing for you: You will get to know several fields and can find out which one fits you best. Almost as an aside, you will discover so many interesting topics which you may not have expected at all. 

Business Process Consulting

We support our customers with their large transformation projects. In this context, we combine technology with strategies and solutions and cover all implementation phases – from planning to solution design and up to the implementation of cutting-edge processes and systems. 

Data & Analytics

Your path into technology-based and IT-oriented process consulting. Accompany our customers through their technological transformation, from their strategies and concepts through the implementation and up to system operation.

Technology Transformation

Shape the digital transformation in the financial sector. We impart to you the technical expertise and methods which you will need to guide transformation projects to success in a tactically clever and future-proof way. This allows you to actively shape both your own future and the future of our customers.

Customer Transformation

The trainee program for entering into the digital transformation. We guide companies along the entire value chain: from the development of strategies and solutions and up to implementation on modern cloud-based architecture such as SAP or Salesforce.

A few insights into our trainee programs

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 Trainee program in the area of Technology Consulting 

 Business Process Consulting 

Following your start in the onboarding week, you will go through the following phases in a rhythm of four weeks: fundamental business processes, preparation for certification with subsequent exam, fundamental administrative processes. 

Select your industry specialization here: 


Departments: Finance or Logistics

From e-commerce pioneers to steel behemoths: industrial interconnections are increasingly complex, diverse, and dynamic. Customers need individual ERP solutions to master these challenges. You become familiar with individual company processes here.

Public Sector

Departments: Public Services Finance or Public Services Logistics

You support our customers at a federal level, the federal states, and municipalities in fascinating projects along their path towards digitalized administration. You develop digital transformation strategies and SAP solutions and e.g. help use real-time information for intelligent traffic guidance systems, apply geo-information to increase domestic security, or automate processes with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. 

Financial Services

Department: Financial Services

The financial sector is undergoing constant change, with Artificial Intelligence, blockchains, and RPA modifying the processes. It is vital to optimize methods and business processes for the transition to SAP S74HANA.  

 Trainee program in the area of Technology Consulting 

 Data & Analytics 

Your path into technology-based and IT-oriented process consulting. Accompany our customers through their technological transformation, from their strategies and concepts through the implementation and up to system operation. In addition to technical trainings, interesting continuing education courses on working methods, project organization, and customer communication await you. And after that? Become a fixed member of our consulting team and support your customers across sectors in strategic, process-related, and technological contexts. 


Annually on April 1 and October 1


4-6 Monate
(depending on the program)


Berlin, Cologne, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Hanover, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart
(depending on the program)
Following your onboarding week, you will hit the ground running with the fundamentals of business processes. After the second month, preparation for the certification with a subsequent exam begins. You will spend the following four weeks assisting us in a project, followed by taking part in our Consulting Basecamp during the final month. 

SAP Business Analytics Industry

You let data talk and derive forward-looking solutions for industrial companies from their business processes within the Business Analytics practice group. 
In this context, there is an emphasis on supporting complete applications from the concept up to implementation.

SAP Business Analytics Public Services

You assist our customers with the implementation and advancement of their IT systems, especially in the field of SAP Analytics. To do this, we optimize the controlling processes in public institutions, from core administration to the defense and healthcare sector and up to infrastructure and the economy.

Data Analytics & AI

You combine Human and Artificial Intelligence to enable the digitalization of products and processes along the entire value chain. 

Big Data Architect

The digital transformation is giving rise to more and more data. We help make this data usable. You become acquainted with new methods for data collection and processing, as well as modern forms of data visualization. At the same time, you find out how data structures are set up in modern, partially cloud-based architectures.

 Trainee program in the area of Technology Consulting 

 Technology Transformation 

Course of the trainee program: Your trainee program lasts a total of four months. You will be introduced to project work step-by-step and can constantly develop personally and professionally. In this role, you will gather exciting insight into the world of banks, insurance companies, and financial service providers. The program comprises a general curriculum and specialization tracks. Together with the other trainees, you will focus on methodical skills (e.g. agile project management and requirements engineering) and technical fundamentals in the field of financial services during the overarching portion of the program. You work with us to choose your specialization before the beginning of the program. 

Digital Transformation 

There is a focus on the deepening of project management methods and frameworks. Learn and be certified in the most important methods to understand company architectures and plan and control agile projects. You will also gain insight into digital trends such as cloud computing, DevOps, and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence 

You learn how to handle state-of-the-art technologies in the context of Artificial Intelligence. Immerse yourself in the development of machine learning models. Obtain valuable expertise to purposefully identify AI-use cases and plan and control implementations.

Big Data 

You become familiar with the technical topics for big data technologies, as well as the corresponding concepts to be able to shape sustainable solution architectures for our customers.

Business Process Management

You will learn the most important skills relating to process entry, documentation, and automation, work with various enterprise low-code application platforms, and create prototypes for the challenges in the Business Process Management and Hyperautomation practice group.

Data Strategy
& Data Management 

You gain insight into the newest methods for developing data strategies and concepts relating to data management, data governance, data quality, and data culture and find out how they are implemented within modern architectures. You will get to know various data catalogs and be certified in a Data Management Framework such as DAMA or DCAM.

 Trainee program in the area of Technology Consulting 

 Customer Transformation 

Project examples

Innovative automobile marketing

Mercedes-Benz AG is among the major suppliers of premium passenger vehicles. These vehicles are no longer being purchased in traditional car dealerships; they are also increasingly being bought online. Our task was optimizing the customer journey and the entire marketing funnel to address customers more individually.
Salesforce Audience Studio and Marketing Cloud were selected as the central platform for this. This made it possible to provide an agile, closed DevOps approach for the design, implementation, and global roll-out of a digital marketing solution. This included, for example, optimized customer segmentation allowing larger target groups to be addressed more specifically.
Over two years we have guided a wide variety of projects in the field of personalization and retargeting to success in more than 37 markets. For example, the opening rate of e-mails was increased significantly, which led to a higher click-through rate of up to 520 percent, among other successes.

Standardized "Market to Invoice" process on the basis of Salesforce

Leadec is a global leader among service specialist for the manufacturing industry. The system landscape was fragmented; additionally, operations varied from region to region. Our task was to cover the "market to invoice" processes from the customer inquiry to invoicing globally in one system. 
All global sales and service settlement processes were harmonized to do so. The derived IT functionality requirements were visualized in Salesforce. Subsequently, there was a major focus on onboarding, training, and data migration. 
This allowed a fast roll-out to be achieved despite the fact that the company is extremely decentralized with more than 200 locations around the world. Customer satisfaction also rose thanks to the new system, largely encouraged by the cost cutting which was achived and the increased efficiency and transparancy during the entire sales and service process.

Implementation of SAP Sales Cloud

Kamax is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers for high-strength fasteners. Our task was the global implementation of Sales Cloud at its 12 locations to bolster international cooperations and make sales processes more efficient.
In accordance with our approach of "from strategy up to realization", three of PwC Germany's practice groups worked hand-in-hand here. Our strategic consulting reorganized the sales organization, our management consulting defined the sales process, and finally our technology consulting implemented the system. 
Our SAP-CX team contributed its expertise in the configuration and integration of the system and took care of the data migration and change management, along with the corresponding training activities. 
An initial version of the SAP Sales Cloud as a component of the SAP CX Suite went live after just eight weeks. The components of the solution customized for Kamax include the SAP Jam, SAP Cloud Connector, and SAP Cloud Platform Integration modules. 

 Public Services 

Consulting for the public sector

The public sector merges public and societal life. We advise and support the federal government, federal states, municipalities, public undertakings, universities, and not-for-profit organizations with regard to digitalization, the energy revolution, mobility, and demographic change. Do you want to contribute and broaden your skills in the fields of core government, public health, or public defense? 
How do financing consulting, film promotion, and the transport transformation fit together? As a partner of the public sector and private business, we assist our clients in the Infrastructure Advisory practice group with our expertise in a wide variety of topics. 

Information Technology

We prepare authorities for the transformation, e.g. with the CIO Agenda from IT sourcing to cloud implementation and up to cyber security or relating to the modernization of the IT architecture. 


From Experience Design and eGov up to AI: We accompany the digital transformation, e.g. through experience design, increasing efficiency with big data, data analytics, AI, and blockchains. More...

Cyber Security

We are certified security service providers for the federal government. We are redefining data security and assist the federal government in technical and organizational contexts.  More...

Infrastructure & Networks

Digital infrastructure in the public sector. Join us e.g. in expending digital infrastructure or creating individual strategies for expanding broadband service. More...

Defense & Security

We assist the Ministry of Defense and its subordinate departments, e.g. in digitalizing its situation reports and the sustainable design of cyber security. More... 

Rethinking mobility

We develop cross-sector trend analyses and concepts to navigate through the world of mobility, e.g. for drawing up business models of the type "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS) or when realizing "green city master plans". More...


We support the public sector with bank-independent consulting services to work out financing concepts.


We provide support with a focus on statutory health insurance relating to digitalization (e.g. chatbots, cloud platforms, cyber security), cost reductions, and better customer loyalty. More...

 People & Organization 

Strategic and operational HR management consulting

There is a focus on people here: We cover the entire spectrum of HR consulting, for example with regard to secondment programs, reward consulting, the selection and implementation of HR cloud solutions, or fundamental process changes.
In the People & Organization (Tax) practice group, we deal with all issues relating to the strategic and operating HR management and support our clients in the digitalization of their business processes. We collaborate closely with our legal team for this purpose. This includes topics such as leadership, the future of work / upskilling, pension, and reward consulting. HR IT and HR processes, as well as occupational and social law. Find out more 

 Trainee program in the area of People & Organization 

 HR & YOU  


At the beginning of the trainee program, you will take part in an onboarding week during which you gather all important information about PwC as an employer and can network with your future team members.

You can decide between two tracks for the program itself by getting to know four departments in the People and Organization practice group (three of which for five months and one for three months). Find out more about both tracks here in the slider. 

After HR & YOU, you are given a permanent employee contract and join PwC as an Associate. 

Your stations if you decide on Track I

  • Change Management: Strategies, processes, and technologies alone do not lead our customers to their desired result. It is the people within the company who have to accept, promote, and realize the changes. We support our customers in not losing sight of the needs of their employees during their transformation.
  • HR Function Transformation: In an evolving working world, the skills of employees are becoming a decisive and scarce commodity. We help our customers establish future-oriented HR departments and make them true contributors to the corporate and talent agenda.
  • HR Managed Services: Human resources are scarce and digitalization requirements are increasing steadily, especially during transaction processes. We help our customers concentrate on their core competencies while we support their HR department efficiently and professionally. We attend to tasks along the entire HR life cycle, from recruiting to onboarding, take on operational tasks such as payroll accounting, and even assume roles in HR management.
  • HR IT (SAP SuccessFactors): Using the SAP SuccessFactors cloud solution, we create the technological basis to intelligently digitalize and optimize the HR processes of our customers. We merge functional and technical requirements precisely within our integrated approach and monitor the changes using an approach for transformation and change management which is tailored to the needs of our clients.

Your stations if you decide on Track II

  • Culture & Leadership: Our team supports organizations, teams, and individuals understand the challenges of leadership and human nature better within their organizations and take a forward-looking approach in dealing with them. We are a team of passionate HR experts, organizational psychologists, and coaches, and we take a holistic view of the dynamics of human behavior while maintaining a focus on the people. Our work is based on evidence and current scientific findings to collaborate with our customers to shape the working world of the future to be human-centric, inclusive, and inspiring.
  • People in Deals: In the event of corporate transactions and restructuring, the carefully considered transfer of employees is one of the key steps for successful corporate acquisitions. Employee-related opportunities and risks can be measured precisely by means of HR Due Diligence and thus be considered in the relevant negotiations. Our team supports our customers here and during all other transaction phases.
  • People & Data Analytics: The amount of data which is generated these days – in particular personal data – represents huge potential for companies. The systematic analysis of this data can create a pivotal competitive advantage for our customers. Many aspects of our clients' organizations can be optimized and advanced in a targeted manner based on evidence, especially using personal data. These aspects include performance management, employee commitment, and talent development, among other factors.
  • Reward & Benefits: Companies need modern compensation concepts which ensure a reasonable balance of factors such as economic efficiency, attractiveness, and fairness. Our customers find a reliable partner in PwC which bears the whole market in mind in addition to the perspective of local compensation and can provide them with comprehensive consultation with regard to the remuneration of (top) managers.

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